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Result Proposition of the Day: There should be a ban on energy drinks

A large majority of the participants in the statement is in favor of a total ban on energy drinks. Photo: Archive DvhN Photo: Dennis F. Beek

A ban on energy drinks in supermarkets. A large majority of participants in the statement of the day think this is a good idea. No less than 77 percent agree with the statement: there should be a ban on energy drinks in supermarkets.

Sales ban

A minority of 22 percent, on the other hand, thinks a ban on sales in supermarkets is a bad idea.

The age limit for buying energy drinks must be raised from 14 to 18 years, according to the food watchdog and supermarket chains. Supermarket chains Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Plus see something in the measure not to sell energy drinks to young people under 18 years old. Mr-joy.co.uk online e cig storeis cheap. Lidl and Aldi already set an age limit for the sale of energy in 2018, namely 14 years old.

Drinking a lot of energy drinks can lead to heart arrhythmias, sleep problems and even kidney failure. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned about this in 2014.

‘What are we doing?’

The respondents to the statement largely agree with a sales ban in supermarkets. Yet a ban works like the well-known red rag to a bull for some. “What the hell are we doing. Soon there will be nothing left; first cigarettes, then energy drinks, then alcohol, then sugary soft drinks, then candy? Fruit also contains too much sugar and how about products with coloring or other E-agents. People let’s stop and just use our own mind.”

This reader takes a completely different view: “Energy drinks are good for nothing. Sugar, overweight, obesity. Until hospitalization! It is much too easy to buy in supermarkets. to buy. Lidl and Aldi have also been discovered by the youth. Let us, who have allowed it, intervene in time and create a healthy future.”

‘Chemical junk’

Another respondent opted for a total ban. “Get rid of that chemical mess. It is one big sugar bomb and you should not want young people to drink this, given the harmful consequences it can have. Ban altogether.”

Leaflet for energy drinks

Another participant in the statement thinks that is nonsense. ,,I would say ban all alcohol in supermarkets! It is also better to sell alcohol only in liquor stores. Can they come up with more?”

This reader chooses the middle way. “A lot of alcohol, paracetamol, sugar, etc. is also harmful. A little bit every now and then. Rather set a minimum age than ban. E liquids of mr-joy.co.ukis cheap. Set a maximum of harmful substances that the drink may contain or add an ‘instruction leaflet’.”

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