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Learn Dutch in Amsterdam and tips to boost your course

If you want to learn Dutch in Amsterdam and you can use some tips, then you are in the right place here. We will give you some tips you can use during the course. This will help you learn Dutch in Amsterdam and give you a head start before you attend a course. Let’s get started.

Small talk to warm up

If you are going to attend a Dutch course but during the day before the course, the only thing you spoke and heard was English, your brain needs some time to get in the Dutch routine. We are all humans and not computers. The result of not doing this, is that we will make basic grammar mistakes. When you want to warm up your brain you can listen to Dutch radio or television or have a quick conversation with a Dutch colleague or neighbour. Some courses start with small talk about your weekend or something to warm up your brain.

Just relax

You always need to keep in mind that you are learning. Nobody was born as a multilingual. Especially perfectionists need to keep this in mind. When you are relaxed, learning and speaking will be much easier. If you put yourself under stress, the brain will close itself down for its own protection. You can compare learning a new language with playing a video game. When you make a mistake in a video game and you die, you need to play the same level again. Maybe you will make it the second or third time, but eventually you will made it. This is the same when you want to learn a new language. Just practice.

Speak, speak, speak

The best way to learn speak Dutch, is to speak Dutch. Even when your Dutch is not perfect and Dutch people can easily switch to English to help you. But say to them you want to speak Dutch. When you are working in a Dutch company, try to only use Dutch. Give it some time but you will improve very fast when you do this. Your colleagues will appreciate your effort and will help you to improve.