Blade and Soul – Koldrak’s Lair Raid

Koldrak’s Lair is a new Blade and Soul 12-man raid where players fight against a terrible beast and get rewarded with costumes and other items.

Fire and Blood is a Blade and Soul update that adds, among other features, a new raid called Koldrak’s Lair. Koldrak is an ancient fire beast that was affected by the Dark Chi. Sensing the corruption, the beast instinctively found sanctuary in a cave where fire burns eternal. However, this didn’t help him resist the corruption and eventually, he gave in and lost his true nature. His powers grew to the point where he could destroy the Earthen Realm. Luckily, the Eight Masters were quick to act before Koldrak unleashed his insanity upon the world. They trapped him in ice as there was no way to defeat him. Unfortunately, the ice lasted shorter than Koldrak’s flame who is still burning with the same destructive desire. His lair can now be entered by adventurers that are ready to stop him for good.

Koldrak’s Lair is a raid for 12 players that are level 55. Players have five daily chances to join the raid. They can queue for the raid at 01:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, and 22:00 server time. The queue is open for 10 minutes starting with these hours. Before facing the beast, players should not forget to pick up the associated daily raid quest. In the same area, players can also get ready by repairing their weapons and such. Players can join the queue and fight the boss each time the queue opens but the daily can only be completed one time a day. The encounter is a timed one. It lasts for 50 minutes during which players need to juggle between fire and ice mechanics to defeat the beast. Koldrak has sweeping attacks that need to be avoided. QTE events test players’ responsiveness. Players take damage from the melting ice if that falls on them. If you have bought Blade and Soul gold, got your character equiped first before start. The shards can be picked up to gain a buff that stacks. At 10 stacks, the buff is upgraded into another buff that also stacks. The new buff is more powerful and stacks five times. Players need to gain these attribute boosting buffs in order to have the necessary power to defeat the beast. The rewards include crystals, gems, costumes, and a pet.

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